Pilaster Mounted Cubicle Lock & Indicator Bolt

Replacement Pilaster Mounted Cubicle Toilet Lock Product Code: SA2621

Pilaster mounted cubicle lock manufactured of robust SAA (satin anodised aluminium). A very simple yet stylish and timeless design. The cubicle lock has no sliding parts and so no keep is required to secure the toilet cubicle door closed.

buy this toilet cubicle lock onlineThe pilaster mounted toilet cubicle lock includes an indicator bolt. A quick glance is all that is needed to show other users of the washroom the status of the toilet cubicle. Red for engaged and white for vacant.

The indicator for the bolt also allows for emergency access. The center pin can be turned by a flat head screwdriver, coin or similar tool. Turning it from the outside will rotate the lock handle within the toilet cubicle so staff can gain access in event of an emergency.

Pilaster mounted cubicle lock as seen from inside the toilet cubicle.
Pilaster mounted cubicle lock as seen from inside the toilet cubicle.

Versatility of the Pilaster Mounted Cubicle Lock

Mounting the toilet cubicle lock on the pilaster allows it to work with normal inward opening toilet cubicles. Mounting the toilet cubicle lock on the door allows it to work with outward opening cubicle doors. Meaning if your business has a mixture of inward and outward opening doors you only need one single replacement lock on the shelf.

There are also versions of the pilaster mounted cubicle lock for 13mm panel thicknesses and 18-21mm panels. There fore the lock will suit most MFC, HPL and SGL toilet cubicle panels.

Fitting Pilaster Mounted Toilet Cubicle Locks

Only 3 holes need to be drilled in the panel or the door the lock is being fitted to. As the handle is the locking bolt and no keep is required, then no holes need to be drilled into the securing panel.

Two holes are for securing the lock to the door which it does by sandwiching the panel. The third hole is simply for the indicator bolt to pass through to allow the rotation of the handle (to lock/unlock the cubicle door) to also change the indicator signal.

The turning bolt also has a black plastic buffer upon so as to reduce damage to toilet cubicle panels if the door is swung open violently.

Pilaster mounted cubicle lock unpacked and unfitted
Pilaster mounted cubicle lock unpacked


Pilaster mounted cubicle lock as seen from above prior to fitting onto a panel.

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Replacement Toilet Cubicle Lock and Cover Plate Universal Fit

Replacement Toilet Cubicle Lock Product Code: PK717

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The universal fit, replacement toilet cubicle lock and cover plate is suitable for many different toilet cubicle doors. It is not suitable for glass toilet cubicles where new holes cannot be drilled.

Designed for use with laminate toilet cubicle panels such as SGL, HPL and MFC. The cover plate covers and blanks off the drilled holes for previously fitted cubicle locks. Allowing this replacement toilet cubicle lock to be fitted over previously drilled doors. Especially when the existing holes locations may not match up. Ideal for sites where the installed locks may now be NLA.

Extremely robust and strong despite its aluminium construction. This versatile replacement toilet cubicle lock completely hides any holes left in your toilet door once the existing lock is removed.

Front of replacement toilet cubicle lock
Front indicator of the replacement toilet cubicle lock, universal fit.
Front of toilet cubicle lock and cover plate
Front of toilet cubicle lock showing green indicator for vacant.

Included with the Replacement Toilet Cubicle Lock

Two cover plates are provided with each lock, for the front and the back of the cubicle door. The cover plates also act as strong and rigid bases on which the lock and face plate are mounted. Often providing more resistance to deliberate vandalism than the previously fitted cubicle lock.

The replacement toilet cubicle lock is packaged with a standard box keep and a bridge keep. Making the cubicle lock compatible with either inward or outward opening toilet cubicle doors, and flush fitting systems.

The lock can be used on doors with varying board thicknesses. From a minimum of 13mm up to 28mm. Please bare in mind however the smaller the thickness of the door the less snug the lock bar against the keep. Trimming down of the pins may be necessary when fitting.

The PK717 universal replacement toilet cubicle lock also features a discreet emergency unlocking mechanism within the indicator. Allowing the lock to be disengaged from outside of the toilet cubicle in the case of emergency.

Manufactured from satin anodised aluminium SAA and available with either a horizontal or vertical cover plate. If in doubt as to whether this lock is suitable for your application please contact us. Or alternatively click here to purchase this universal fit toilet cubicle lock from our online store.

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Glass Toilet Cubicle Lever Indicator Bolt Lock

Glass Toilet Cubicle Lock Product Code: T203SM

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A simple and elegant toilet cubicle lock suitable for toilet cubicles manufactured from glass.

This lever turn indicator bolt lock is suitable for toilet cubicles manufactured of glass. Glass toilet cubicles are often fitted in high end and luxury commercial washrooms.

Manufactured from stainless steel, this lock has a professional and executive appearance. Stainless steel is also impervious to water damage. The pack as sold contains one single lock (for one cubicle), and concealed bolt through fixings.

The glass toilet cubicle indicator bolt lock is constituted of a rotating handle. The handle in the closed position is set in a locking keep. On the exterior side, the article is equipped with a vacant/engaged indicator.

glass toilet cubicle lock on green glass panel


Glass Toilet Cubicle Lock Specs

This toilet cubicle lock is suitable for 10mm flush glass systems and 12-13mm flush systems. Available in satin finish 316 Stainless Steel.

For emergency access the glass toilet cubicle lock has an emergency release on the outside.glass toilet cubicle lock indicator bolt as seen from the front.Click Here to buy a Glass Toilet Cubicle Indicator Bolt Lock

Please be aware when replacing locks on glass toilet cubicles it is advisable to replace like for like. Locks of different designs and sizes will not have fixings that line up with the exiting holes drilled into the glass door. It is nearly impossible without specialist knowledge and equipment to re-drill glass cubicles on site (for locks or other fixings). Also from a cost perspective it is not worthwhile to attempt. Attempting to drill a glass cubicle door on site often results in damage or complete destruction of the door panel.

We would always advise that if in doubt you send us images of your existing hardware. Once in receipt of images of your existing lock we can advise on potential replacements. This is especially important when purchasing a glass toilet cubicle lock.

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