toilet cubicle lock mounted on door where bolt secures directly against the pilaster.

FAQ How to Order Cubicle Locks Online

Ordering toilet cubicle locks or commercial washroom cubicle locks could not be simpler.

If you need to order cubicle locks day or night you may do so from the e-commerce store Commercial Washrooms.

During weekday office hours you may order by phone on 01202 650900. Or Government funded Schools and Local Authorities may fax or email an authorised purchase order to / 01202 650021

There are however a few things to consider first;



Toilet Cubicle Door Type

Firstly before you order a toilet cubicle lock you need to determine the door type, there are three types of doors you must consider in this instance.

Regular toilet cubicle panel doors manufactured from MFC, HPL or SGL. This will be the normal toilet cubicle door we are all used to seeing in most commercial washrooms.

Regular internal doors, these will require a mortice style lock. This type of toilet door resembles or is a regular internal door. Usually fitted onto the outside of a self contained toilet room with wash and dry facilities.

Glass toilet cubicles, if you need to order cubicle locks for glass cubicles things are a little more complicated. Simply because you MUST replace the toilet cubicle locks like for like. This is because you cannot drill new holes in the glass so any replacement toilet lock must fit the same as the lock being replaced.

 Toilet Cubicle Door Thickness

Your second consideration is the toilet cubicle door thickness, often called the board depth or thickness. The thickness of the material the lock will be fitted to will determine the length of the screws that can be used. It will also determine the shape and size of the keep.

If you purchase a toiler cubicle lock meant for a thicker door then not only may the screws protrude through the board, causing a health and safety issue. But the keep will not fit snug against the lock bolt. Causing the door to rattle and appear ajar when locked.

Easy grip toilet cubicle lock bolt and keep - order cubicle locks online
Easy grip toilet cubicle lock with keep on the right. Showing how the lock bolt secures against the lock keep.

Conversely if you purchase a lock meant for thinner panels the lock bolt may not secure within the keep at all preventing the door from being secured shut when occupied.

Need More Help to Order Cubicle Locks?

If you have any doubts or need any help to order cubicle locks please contact us by telephone or email and we will be happy to advise.