Glass Toilet Cubicle Lever Indicator Bolt Lock

Glass Toilet Cubicle Lock Product Code: T203SM

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A simple and elegant toilet cubicle lock suitable for toilet cubicles manufactured from glass.

This lever turn indicator bolt lock is suitable for toilet cubicles manufactured of glass. Glass toilet cubicles are often fitted in high end and luxury commercial washrooms.

Manufactured from stainless steel, this lock has a professional and executive appearance. Stainless steel is also impervious to water damage. The pack as sold contains one single lock (for one cubicle), and concealed bolt through fixings.

The glass toilet cubicle indicator bolt lock is constituted of a rotating handle. The handle in the closed position is set in a locking keep. On the exterior side, the article is equipped with a vacant/engaged indicator.

glass toilet cubicle lock on green glass panel


Glass Toilet Cubicle Lock Specs

This toilet cubicle lock is suitable for 10mm flush glass systems and 12-13mm flush systems. Available in satin finish 316 Stainless Steel.

For emergency access the glass toilet cubicle lock has an emergency release on the toilet cubicle lock indicator bolt as seen from the front.Click Here to buy a Glass Toilet Cubicle Indicator Bolt Lock

Please be aware when replacing locks on glass toilet cubicles it is advisable to replace like for like. Locks of different designs and sizes will not have fixings that line up with the exiting holes drilled into the glass door. It is nearly impossible without specialist knowledge and equipment to re-drill glass cubicles on site (for locks or other fixings). Also from a cost perspective it is not worthwhile to attempt. Attempting to drill a glass cubicle door on site often results in damage or complete destruction of the door panel.

We would always advise that if in doubt you send us images of your existing hardware. Once in receipt of images of your existing lock we can advise on potential replacements. This is especially important when purchasing a glass toilet cubicle lock.

buy this toilet cubicle lock online