Toilet Cubicles for Washrooms from our virtual showroom at Commercial Washrooms

Toilet Cubicle Buyers Guide from Commercial Washrooms

Toilet cubicle, shower cubicle and washroom cubicle specification and supply is a particular specialty of Commercial Washrooms. So we have produced this toilet cubicle buyers guide to be the perfect beginners resource for those who have not purchased toilet cubicles, shower cubicles or washroom cubicles before and are overwhelmed by the available options.

For those who are purchasing toilet cubicles for use by Children and in particular schools we have a specific Commercial Washroom School Toilet Cubicle Buyers Guide found at

Eclipse glass toilet cubicle
Eclipse Ambassador toilet cubicle design concept, potential airport washroom?


The 4 toilet cubicle material options are:

Contractor toilet cubicles design concept
Contractor budget toilet cubicle concept, manufactured in MFC.

1. MFC or Melamine Faced Chipboard toilet cubicle doors and panels; at the cheapest end of the spectrum. Quick delivery is available on grey and white coloured cubicle panels and doors, and often supplied direct from stock due to the popularity of this material and colour choice. But to offset the quick delivery these cubicles systems must be cut down and finished on the client’s site.

However it must be noted that the MFC toilet cubicle panels are the least hard-wearing of all the toilet cubicle materials and it is only suitable for dry areas. Alternative colours are available to Grey and White but these increase lead times and costs.

2. HPL cubicle material; HPL is an abbreviation of High Pressure Laminate and is manufactured by bonding a laminate finish to a chipboard or MDF core. Toilet cubicle panels and doors manufactured in HPL are more resistant to vandalism and water ingress. However they are still not suitable for ‘wet areas’ such as swimming pool changing areas or shower cubicles.

High Pressure Laminate cubicle panels and doors are suited to low to medium traffic environments, but are supplied in a larger range of colours, wood grain effect finishes and size options; including full height and normal height cubicle doors. Allowing customers to be more inventive and expressive in the design of their commercial washroom. Usual delivery lead times are 2-3 weeks as these are made to order and to cut to client dimensions in the factory.

3. SGL Toilet Cubicles and SGL Shower Cubicles otherwise known as Solid Grade Laminate panels and doors for commercial washrooms are at the highest end of the commercial washroom market for traditional board cubicle panelling and doors. Extremely water resistant and impact resistant they are both suitable for wet areas such as shower cubicles but also for high traffic washrooms prone to misuse or vandalism such as toilets available for use by the public and in schools.

Manufactured from a tough 13mm thick solid laminate panel they feature polished black radiused edges and come in a vast range of colours and wood grain effect finishes. Aside from glass cubicle panels there is no better quality and finish for a high end commercial washroom than that achieved by SGL cubicle paneling and doors. Usual delivery lead times are 2-3 weeks as these are made to order and to cut to client dimensions in the factory.

Glass toilet cubicles pink back painted glass
Glass toilet cubicles in an alternative colour scheme to create an entirely new washroom concept for ladies washrooms.

4. Glass Toilet Cubicle partitions and toilet cubicle doors are at the luxury end of the commercial washroom market and with that comes a justifiable step up in price. The glass cubicle range that Commercial Washrooms offer is known as the Eclipse cubicles. The panels are constructed from glass, and formed from two 5mm sheets of laminated and toughened glass with a painted 1.5mm interlayer sandwiched between them.

Glass toilet cubicle doors are manufactured from a single back painted piece of glass again laminated and toughened for safety but 10mm thick. External fitting such as hinges and locks are minimalist and where possible hidden altogether, to allow the back painted glass to show off its elegance and style. The glass can be painted to any RAL colour of your specification.

Obviously being manufactured from laminated, toughened glass the cubicles are completely impervious to water, extremely durable and hygienic. Usual delivery lead times for glass cubicles are 3-5 weeks as these are made and coloured to order and to cut to client dimensions in the factory.


If you have spent time and effort choosing the correct toilet cubicles for your washroom you will certainly want to ensure that the vanity unit you select is equally up to the task. Vanity units are broadly constructed of the same materials as the cubicles themselves (with the exception of glass).

There is also the option of a solid surface vanity unit tops which are made from cured resin, and just like SGL, solid surface is exceptionally hard-wearing but is also completely water resistant and if damaged can in many cases be repaired in-situ (ideal for high use washrooms and schools).

Due to the minimal cost difference between MFC and HPL vanity units and the propensity for vanity units to get wet, we do not manufacture any vanity unit or part thereof in MFC as it is suitable only for dry areas.

Toilet Cubicles for Washrooms from our virtual showroom at Commercial Washrooms
Contractor washroom toilet cubicle design concept from our virtual showroom.


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